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Marketing Campaign

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Web Content

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Jonathan Fox

Founder of Badak

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About Us

Perfect Package Consulting provide consultancies and create programs to drive a product's brand and business growth through strategic marketing, planning and implementation.

We help our clients creates new ideas and innovation to solve the business challenges towards their product by providing strategic marketing, planning and implementation focusing on :

Strategy & Planning

We help our clients articulate their short and long-term marketing objectives,  develop metrics for success, and deepen their understanding of their internal strengths and weaknesses, core audiences and competition in order to reach the following goals :

  • To achieve a competitive advantage through a deeper level of customer understanding of the product through Customer and Market Survey, Market and Competitive Assessment, Segmentation and Market Planning. 

  • To  create actionable strategies and plans to optimally position the product brand.

  • To develop sales, media, public relations and integrated communications strategies.

Communication & PR

Helps organizations reassess the words and images they use to portray themselves and develop consistent and compelling cross-media portrayals, positions or brands – including core messaging, taglines and logos.

  • Develop integrated communication strategy both Internal and External communications.

  • Develop creative design and production for Above The Line and Below The Line.

  • Develops and executes public relations and other outreach programs.

Event Management

Perfect Package Consulting can ensure the success of your event or events by :

  • Planning and managing all of the logistics of the event or events.

  • Developing all of the promotional and program materials: the save the date cards, invitations, mailing labels, reminder cards, signage, flyers, ads, posters, name tags, program booklets, gift bags, and potentially more.

  • Working as a cohesive and effective team with the other firms to provide event solutions and services.

  • Working in partnership with the internal teams and individuals that contribute to your event.



Anne Maria

Lead Director of Candy & Co.

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